Thursday, July 2, 2015

NOTHING works unless you do!

So as most of you know, I started using Weight Watchers the beginning of this month.  Also, as most of you know, I've gained a significant amount of weight back over the last year, so I wanted to try something new  to see how it would work.

Well, all I gotta say is, NOTHING works, unless YOU do.  

The couple of weeks I was down a few pounds, from tracking EVERYTHING that I ate, and working out.  

Then ya know, life happened.  I don't always know how to handle when life happens.  I obviously need to find a better way to cope with emotions then with food, but it happened, and what's done is done.  I got off my workout regimen, I had one too many bites of pizza, and didn't track a thing.

I haven't stepped on the scale simply in fear that it will send me spiraling down an even darker hole so we're not gonna play that game.

The point of this post, is to say that NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING will work, unless YOU do the work!  You can wrap yourself all you want, you can take pills, shakes, anything.  Those results are not going to last until you make the mental change that you need to make in order to make an everlasting change!  I got back to where I am now because when I was at 179, I never had changed my relationship with food, and I thought where I was still wasn't good enough.  I was still binge eating regularly, I was still NOT loving myself the way that I should have been.

I'm at a place right now that I'm becoming experimental with my methods. There's a quote that I saw recently on Pinterest that really spoke to me:

It could not be more accurate. This journey is FULL of trial and error. Some things are gonna work great, others not so much. Some things will make you LOVE to workout, and others will make you dread it. Right now that's where I am with weight lifting. I love it, but right now it just feels like more of a chore than anything. I've ordered a few Beachbody DVD's to spice things up a bit and we'll see how that goes. Sometimes you have to try ALL the things before you find what's the best for you. 

What is YOUR favorite way to love your body and treat it right? (Keep it clean please :) ) 

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  1. Hi Kate,
    I follow IIFYM with the help My Fitness Pal and also do Fitness Blender workouts on YouTube. I feel like I am really in a great groove, because I found what works for me!! Finally!!! I feel like I now have a healthy relationship with food, and I love the attitude that Kelli and Daniel have with Fitness Blender. It's more of focusing on health and being active, rather than what the scale says. Total game changer for me!! Keep on truckin' girl, you got this!!!