Friday, June 5, 2015

meal plan vs. meal guide?

hey guys!  hope that you all are having a great week!  i'm really trying to do this blog thing at least once a week, so if there's anything you ever want me to write about, please let me know!

so as many of you know, i put a meal guide up for sale!  i've gotten a lot of positive feedback, but have also been asked if i would provide a customized meal plan, and here's my reasoning as to why i won't do that.

number one: i am not a licensed nutritionist.  although i have some knowledge about what to eat and what not to eat, that doesn't mean that i have the right to give you an exact plan to lose weight.  i am currently looking in to getting a certification to become a nutritionist, but even then, i don't think i'll ever give out a specific meal plan.

i lost the majority of my weight by eating clean, with indulgences, and working my ass off in the gym.  then, i got as low as 178 lbs, and basically went crazy with the eating.  i was comfortable with my body, so i figured, "yeah, let's have that pizza!".  "alcohol doesn't seem to make me sick any more, let's drink ALLLLLL  the redd's apple ale!".  i basically went in to full out "reward" mode.  over the course of the summer, gained approximately 20 lbs, and held on to that plus a little some for the next year or so.  then moved in with my fiance, couldn't find a gym near my house, holiday's came, basically went in to "fuck it" mode, and gained an additional 30.

oh, i had a point to this, bare with me.

right before moving in with my fiance, i was doing a 12 week transformation program.  and for the first month, it worked GREAT.  i was eating cod every day, working my ass off in the gym, and ANY cheat meal i wanted every saturday.  in a month, i lost 13 lbs. and it was great!

then, the "idon'twannaeatthesamethingoverandoverandovergimmepizza" syndrome happened.

i fell "off the wagon" til january, then started up again with a new trainer, thinking it was going to be different.  expressing that i didn't want to be on a meal plan the rest of my life, and he understood!

and then i was put on a meal plan.

life is not meant to be spent, eating a cup of spinach, 4 oz. of chicken breast, and sugar free jello. i can understand people that doing body competitions, to reach a certain physique, but i've seen so many people come off those plans and go into a downward spiral.  so many weeks/months of restricting yourself can do a lot of damage, so on to my number two:

i hate meal plans.  at first, it was fine.  i went through the thought process of "don't think of food as a comfort, think of it as fuel.  it's just food."  and honestly, that's not a bad process!  i need to have a better relationship with food, and i know that.  but when i go through periods of strict restriction and telling myself i can only have option a, b, and c, i'm going to rebel.

life is about BALANCE.  i am an advocate of the 90/10 rule.  90% of the time, i'm going to eat healthy.  not just because i have a certain "body goal" that i want to hit, but because it FEELS good to eat healthy, the other 10%, i'll have pizza. or a beer, or whatever i want.  do i sometimes go overboard? yes. but it's never been AS bad i was a few years ago.

before i made the decision to lose weight, i was eating fast food sometimes 5x a week.  some days, it was for all 3 meals.  my body felt TIRED. at the age of 21, my body felt like i was 90. not to mention, i had HORRIBLE stomach problems, where immediately after eating those foods, i would have to go to the bathroom.  did this make me stop eating that stuff? no, of course not.  i was addicted.

again, back to my point, i don't believe in meal plans. i don't believe in absolute restriction.  and once i DO get my certification to take on clients, i will never give a meal plan.  i will give you suggestions, i will teach how to eat healthy, and the proper portions that you should be eating!

so that's why i created the "meal guide".  it gives a structure to plan your meals.  it gives you portion sizes, what foods to eat, along with tips that i've learned along the way!

if you're interested in buying it, (which also makes a contribution to me getting a certification, and to my wedding fund :) ), click here!  it's a digital download that will download to your device.

if you've purchased it and have any feed back, please let me know!

love you all!


  1. I love this, I could NOT do a meal plan. Tell me the foods I should be eating and I will eat them at my leisure. You also best believe I will eat that pizza or burger every now and then too :) Oh and if anyone is like me where the sweet tooth is the killer, quest bars have been helping me SO much! Weight is something I will deal with the rest of my life but I have to not let it control my life too. There has to be a happy medium somewhere, right? :)

  2. I think this is really very informative. Thanks for sharing this. I am sure I will be able to plan my meal better now.