Friday, May 29, 2015

my top three tips to stay motivated and stay on track.

one of the most common questions i get asked, is how do i stay so motivated?  well, my answer is pretty simple:

july 2008.

i never want to get back to this girl again. she was so depressed and had the mindset of "this is it. there's nothing better, so why should i even try?"  she was slowly killing herself everyday with the help of food and being a pack a day smoker.

now some of you may ask, "yeah, that's what keeps you motivated now, what kept you motivated in the beginning?"  well, it was the possibility of being something more. i wanted to prove to myself, and to others that it was possible. my sister was actually the one that motivated me the most. with changing her eating habits and working out everyday, she had lost 75 pounds!  as soon as i saw what she had done (and how hot she was), i knew that i could do it too. i never intended on sharing my journey publicly, and honestly, i don't recommend it to everyone. but knowing that i can help someone somewhere get off their ass and get in to the gym, then that's all i care about. 

so to get to the point, here are my top three tips to stay motivated/stay on track through out your journey.  these are what worked for ME.  i cannot stress enough that there are things that may work for me, but don't always work for other people!  we are ALL DIFFERENT.  and that's okay!  i also found what worked for me through trial and error, which is frustrating, but it's something we have to do in order to find what works best for us!

1. Tracking:
in the beginning of my journey when i had hired a trainer, for the first few months she would have me fill out a food log, and include what workouts i was doing every day.  i'd hand them in to her every week, she would tell me if something needed to be changed, or "try not to eat so much of this" and so on and so forth.  but the tracking, kept me in line!  knowing that i had someone that i had to show my eating to, kept me accountable of what i was putting in my mouth!  after a few months, she didn't require them anymore, but i still wanted to keep track.  i had purchased the BodyMedia armband (they don't sell it anymore) that the contestants on The Biggest Loser wore.  i absolutely loved it! not only did it track my calories burned and what i ate, it also tracked my sleep, and how many steps i took.  it was a great tool when starting out my journey.  after a while i got tired of wearing a bulky armband haha and that's why i stopped using it.  but now there are ALL kinds of things (including the Polar Loop band that my sister Kristin just purchased and LOVES.) that you can use to track your daily activity!  the point of this huge paragraph?  find something that you love doing, whether it be writing it down in a notebook, tracking on myfitnesspal, and use it!  track the good AND the bad!

2. Setting Goals:
i love being able to give myself a "gold star" at the end of the day when i know that i've done everything in my power to accomplish the small goals i give myself every week.  whether it's to workout at least 4 times a week, drink more water, or go to bed earlier.  setting SMALL goals every week will lead to BIG things, i promise!

so if you're just starting out, and your body is used to not moving so much, make it a goal to be active for 15 minutes a day. THAT'S IT. i don't care if you're marching in place while watching a TV show, but make it happen, EVERY DAY.  then the next week, up it by 5 mins!

3. Meal Prep:
meal prep has been a HUGE key to my weight loss.  when i have my own food, it doesn't give me the excuse to eat something else!  basically what i do, is that i cook my lean meats on sunday, and eat it through out the week.  the night before, i'll get my "snacks" ready.  it's all about MAKING time.  i am away from my house for 12 hours a day.  i get up at 5, leave my house by 5:30, on my train at 6:15, and get back home at 5pm.  i come home, cook dinner, then take my ass to the gym.  i know, IT'S HARD.  and i know that it's ESPECIALLY hard when you have kids, but if you have healthy choices on hand, you won't go for the fast food, the cookies, or anything else!  for dinners, i utilize pinterest A LOT.  i look up recipes with minimal amounts of ingredients that don't take a long time to cook, i write out my grocery list, and that's all that i buy!  if you buy unhealthy food, you'll eat it!  this is what i do every week:

i write out what both my fiance and i will be eating for each meal, then write out my grocery list!  it's that simple! having a plan for the week will just make life easier!  and, it honestly has saved me money.  instead of going to the grocery store without a plan, and just buying random things, i know EXACTLY what i'm buying and what it will be used for.

these three things have helped me SO MUCH in my journey thus far.  let me know in the comments what has helped YOU the most, or what else you'd like to see on the blog! <3


  1. The biggest help for me thus far has been packing my gym bag the night before. When I first started, I would leave work and go home to change, but then my couch got REALLLLYYYY comfortable. I was skipping workouts because the sloth monster would eat me alive. So, now I pack my gym bag the night before, change at work and drive straight to the gym after work. It has helped tremendously. Also, I have been wanting to meal prep for forevvveerrr, this post gave me the push to do it! So, THANK YOU!

    1. ugh i wish i could go straight to the gym! it would definitely help A LOT!

  2. Its winters and I feel so lazy in winters even I don't take muscle building supplements by XtermeNo properly. I hope these points make me stick to the fitness plan. Thanks for sharing.