Monday, May 11, 2015

motivation monday

hey there guys!  i know i know, two blog posts in the same month!  like i said, i'd like to try and do a weekly blog, so here i am again :)

this week i want to talk about setting goals for the week. after a weekend full of pms induced carb and chocolate filled eating, mama's ready to get back to her low carb lovin self. (although i'm only on day three, so forgive me if i still want ALLLLLL the foods)

after spending the day with my mama and my soon to be mother in law, john and i got home and started cleaning up and prepping food for the week.  i was putting some laundry away, and realized since i had bought a few pieces of new clothing, i needed to free up some hangers.  i thought i'd clean up some of the space by taking out the things that aren't fitting me right now (which also served a good purpose of not being sad every time i look at those clothes) then i'd have at least three to five hangers to use.. yeah.. about that number: 

i saw that pile on my bed and had a wee bit of a panic attack. all of the clothes that i had bought last year, no longer fit. not even close. some of the shirts were even a size medium!  and a few of the shirts were even bought bigger at that time to be more "flowy", and yeah, vacuum sealed in.

of course, i was crushed, and feeling defeated. then in walked john, saw how upset i was, gave me a big ol' hug and a kiss and reminded me that it's only a matter of time before i get back there, that i was beautiful and that he loves me. (there's a reason why i'm keepin him around :) ). and then this quote popped in to my head: "not being where you want to be, should be the only motivation you need". plucked at the heart strings just a bit, and knew it was the truth. the only person that's going to make this happen is me, and god bless it it's gonna happen.

oh, so ya know, the point of this blog. goals? right? that's what this was supposed to be about. on to that. 

setting SMALL attainable goals, are a great help when starting your journey. and i REALLY emphasize on the word small. so many people start their journey with only the end in mind, not thinking of all the little milestones along the way that you have to accomplish in order to get to that finished result. so for example, if you want to START being active, make it a goal to walk even 15 minutes a day. if that to you, is a huge improvement, that's all that matter!  the biggest thing is that you don't want to set yourself for failure, because then you'll just get in the "fuck it" mindset if you fail. and we want to avoid that at all costs 😊. so like i said, start small. if you're not used to drinking a lot of water, start out with at least three glasses a day. if your body isn't used to moving, start with 15 minutes of morning a day.

so, here are my goals for this week:
• drink my water, ESPECIALLY on the weekend.
• limit starbucks, and maybe learn how to make MY OWN iced coffee :D
• don't miss a workout.
• no mindless eating.  this has been a big thing for me recently, where i'm finding myself grabbing something to eat, even when i'm not hungry. 

those are MY goals for the week, i like setting my intentions for the week, and i like giving myself a gold star at the end of the week even more :) so let me hear your goals! leave yours in the comments!


  1. Hey Katie,
    I loved this post!! Once again you brought me back to focus on the 'WHY' I'm doing this and not the 'WHEN' is this going to happen for me.
    I was at a teacher conference for 3 days and I gave myself the rational to think "fuck it". Everything was buffet style. Every single break (3 a day) had some delicious treat that I not only had one, but multiple servings of.
    "Oh, I need another coffee"... "heyyyyy there pastry! I never have you! I'll take THREE!"
    "I'm still tired, maybe another coffee" ... "Ohh look! Biscotti! I need to dip this IN the coffee".

    I didn't sleep well so I skipped the gym and gave me more reason to just say "fuck it".
    Then I ordered a 20-ounce steak for dinner.
    And I ate every last bit of it.
    So on the way back home I kept thinking "Whyyyy did you do this Lynsie? Whyyy. Okay. Whole 30 time. Time to do another Whole 30."
    On Sunday I had a personal training session and asked my trainer about another Whole 30.
    Long story short, I realized that I was doing this Whole 30 as a punishment for eating ALL the things and not working out. I wanted to punish myself for behaving so poorly.
    He made me realize that it happened. There's nothing I can do to change that. And that all I need to do is have a good healthy meal next and go from there.
    So that's what I'm doing. Just making it from meal to meal. That's my small change.
    Punishing myself for poor behaviour is only perpetuating the idea that I deserve to be fat.
    Instead, I'm choosing healthy food to nourish my body with.
    Reading this post cemented the fact that I just have to go back to made little changes again.
    It will happen! Just not as song as I'd like....and sure as hell not in 30 days.
    Nothing against Whole 30, but I gained 20 pounds after I finished lol.
    Do you like my novel?? I hope you enjoyed reading it haha.

    Also,.... I hope one day to find a man as supportive caring and thoughtful as your John!
    Love ya girl. Thanks again for being so transparent. Love that about ya.

    Here are my goals for the week.
    Work out 4 times by Sunday.
    Drink 3L's of water a day AT LEAST.
    Journal something each night.

    You're an amazing, inspiring person. And I hope you know that.
    Love, Lynsie xoxoxo

  2. My goals this week are:
    Log all of the food that I eat...Not just the things I WANT to log
    Workout 4-5 days of 7 (depending on work, mom, and wife duties)
    Walk every day at lunch
    Ignore all the yummy treats for Staff Appreciation week.


    1. ugh! i TOTALLY know what you mean by logging ALL THE FOOD! that's a goal for me too!

  3. I totally need to clean out my closet but I am afraid of the emotions I will feel when I see all the empty hangers. Proud of you and thank you for sharing!!!
    Very small goal this week - pack my lunches. Need to have a healthy lunch at work so I don't eat all the candy from every damn candy dish in this place.

  4. Hi Katie, your blog is very helpful, you've done so well. I'm over 20st and feel overwhelmed by the thought of what I have to do to lose all this weight, its dragging me down, but I'll try the advice that you give about tracking, setting small goals and meal planning to see if it can lift me to a more positive level. Thanks.x