Thursday, November 6, 2014


so as some of you have seen the last couple of weeks, i've mentioned the idea of doing some online coaching on my instagram and facebook pages.  i had over 100 people saying they'd be interested in working with me.

first off, woah.

100 of you? if i could physically take on 100 people, that'd be AMAZING.  but, let's be real here, i don't know if i could handle that many haha but it would seriously be AWESOME if i could.  to be able to work with so many of you, to help you achieve your goals?  yes. please.

so many of you have messaged me and have asked me to please "consider you" for the coaching.  let me break it down as to what this would be exactly.

my goal is to have contact with you everyday.  you'd probably get an obnoxious good morning text from me, asking you what your goals for the day are, and how you plan to stay accountable.  i want you to be able to contact me whenever you need to.  you can ask for my advice, tell me when donuts are in the office, or when you need a verbal ass-kicking.  (i'm really good at those.)  you can send me sweaty selfies, email me your life story, tell me anything you want to.  i want you to know that you're not alone, and that there is someone else that understands your struggles. i know what it's like to not know where to start.  i know what it's like to feel intimidated in the gym, and not want to go near the weights for fear of looking like an idiot.  i know what it's like to be in your shoes.  i get it.

the primary reason for my coaching, is the mental part.  now, i'm not a professional psychologist, coach, nutritionist, nor personal trainer, but i can help you in any way i know that i can.  if you're looking for food to eat, i will give you a "guide" as to what you should be eating, but not a set meal plan.  if you're looking for a workout plan, i will give you suggestions for workouts, and be your accountability partner.  everything i "give you" will all be based on my own personal experiences, what has worked well for me, and my own opinions.  does this guarantee that you're going to lose 10lbs in a week? of course not.  does this mean that what suggestions i give you are going to work for you?  not always the case.  to me, this coaching isn't as much about "how to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks" as it is "how do i start to love myself to know that i deserve to be happy?"

so, if you're looking for someone to show you the next quick fix, that's not what my goal is.  my goal is to help people realize, that you're worth it.  you're worth the hard work. you're worth the sweat, tears, and maybe even sacrifices that it takes to get to where you want to be.

so when does this start?
my goal, is that i'm going to start out with 6 people for the month of december.  on monday, november 24th, i will post something on instagram, and a post on facebook, to leave your email addresses and that 3 from each site will be picked at random.  once the guinea pigs are chosen, you will be sent an introduction email, with a questionnaire about yourself and what you're looking to get out of this.  coaching will begin december 1st and go to december 31st.

after december 31st, i'll send out another questionnaire regarding working with me for a month.  did i help you at all? would you consider to continue working with me? and all that fun mumbo jumbo.

sadly, there will be some limits as to when i can be contacted.  because i do work full time, i'll make myself available via text and email during the day, and probably end the day at around 8pm.  (a girl's gotta sleep :) ) if you wanted, i could open up a few hours on the weekend to schedule maybe 30-45 minute phone/skype conversation with you.  because december does run through some holidays, i will say that you can definitely text and email me and i may not respond right away, but phone calls would not be answered on holidays.    

if all goes well with the 6 people in the first month, i may move it up to 10 slots (in total) being available.  i will be charging an affordable monthly fee,  should you not want to continue to work into the next month, you will be shunned! tooooootally just kidding :) i'll just ask for you to give me at least a week head's up so that i can open the spot for someone else. if you decided to work with me for 3+ months, i'll have some discounted rates.

i'm really hoping that this works the way i want it to.  i just want to help people, and let them know that they're not alone.  if i could make this my career and do this full time, ooooooh man my heart may explode.

so basically, wanna be bff's?


  1. I absolutely want to be BFF's and totally looking forward to working with you!! I feel like the kid raising his hand and waving it around, "ME!! ME!! ME!!" haha!! Anyway, I need some help and I'm not sure what it is about you but you connect with me. I am constantly nodding my head yes as I read your posts. Good for you for doing this for others. I think it will be great.

  2. BFF's for the win!!!!
    Wishing you much success and wishing me luck on getting picked ;)

  3. I love the last sentence. And good for you for wanting to pay it forward, because honestly, there are so many of us struggling to figure out even where to start. :)

  4. Love that you are pursuing your dream!! Thank you for always being yourself & sharing so candidly. :) I'm excited to see where this process takes you!!

  5. How much would the monthly fee be? I'd definitely love to do this! I need a swift kick in the ass most days to lose this 70 lbs of baby weight I gained with my son! Because they aren't gonna go away on its own (trust me I tried that)

  6. I want to be your BFF! My old BFF's screwed me so I only have my hubby as my bestie and well we all know how that goes. I'm tired of living this was but I need support and accountability and I'm even willing to fight stupid DC traffic to meet you next year! I miss having friends, but I want good people in my life and you miss are good people!

  7. Im very intrested and hopes of getting picked but where do we sign up at...

  8. I would love to have the opportunity to do this and a perk would be to be your BFF (ha-ha)! Thank you so much for all you have done for my self personally and any other individual out there, you and your sister truly are an inspiration of hope! I have personally struggled with weight for as long as I can remember and it seems to be getting harder the older I get! I found your page and your sisters page over the summer when I truly realized how much of a change I needed to make and start taking personal accountability for what I am doing to my body, its a struggle daily but one day I hope to make the strides in my weight loss as you have done! THANKS again for everything, especially sharing your story with all of us strangers

  9. I would love to be your BFF too! I need someone to hold me accountable.

  10. I am so inspired by you. I wasn't overweight as a child, I began to gain my weight when I lived on my own and it was McD's, pizza pops and anything i wanted to eat and whenever. I lost most of it, met my husband and kept it off until I got pregnant with my first son 25 years ago, lost it again afterward got down to 150 and quickly gained it all again and from there I've stayed for the last 24 years. I was heavy when I got pregnant with my daughter and it never came off. I've gone down 10 or so but it always comes back. I use food as a way to deal with my stress and depression. I don't want to die, I'm 44 and I said at 40 I'd be healthy and I'm not there yet. Today, after reading this I will go home and do my wii zumba and try each day to do something, one thing that will make me healthier. You truly inspire!!