Thursday, October 23, 2014

a new chapter..

so as most of you know, i've been in a plateau with my weight loss for well over a year now.  no matter what i did, nothing seemed to work.  last summer, i had gotten down to the lowest weight i've ever been as an adult (179lbs) and i was ECSTATIC! so ecstatic, that i got cocky.

june of 2013, at my lowest weight.
i had gotten to a point of feeling immensely proud, and comfortable.  so comfortable, that eating half a pizza was totally okay.  drinking 5 redd's apple ciders was normal, and yeah, i'll totally have some ice cream to go with that.  because i "deserved it". that became a common phrase last summer.  i was eating like shit, because i deserved it.

that's one of my biggest pet peeves ya know, is being told "you deserve it!".

"oh, you've worked so hard, you deserve it!"
"you never do stuff like this, it's fine!"

although, i appreciate the sentiment, it bothers the shit out of me.  and yes, i do believe in having everything in moderation (including moderation). being told by others, and even myself, that i'm allowed to binge eat and go crazy, because "i deserve it", drives me nuts.  because you know what i deserve?  i deserve to be happy, i deserve to reach my goals, and i deserve to feel enough strength in myself to be able to tell others no.  i deserve to be where i want to be.

so after bouts with shakeology, doing the 24-day challenge by advocare, a couple of rounds of whole 30, nothing was helping. nothing was helping because i wasn't ready for it to help. i was given shakelogy by a dear friend to try and help me get through my plateau.  she had given me a bag FOR FREE and i was so grateful.  but alas, i couldn't stick with it.  another friend had given me the 24-day challenge from advocare for free.  honestly, the results were amazing, but because my mind wasn't in it for the long haul, i gained everything back.  nothing was keeping me accountable, nothing was "sticking". and because i was in the mindset of "results results results", i gave up.  after all of those trials, i'd just go back to the same thought process of "i've been so good for the last so and so days, i deserve this."  earlier this summer, my sister Kristin and i decided to end our relationship with our trainer that we had been seeing for 2 years. we didn't end it because we didn't love her, because we did.  she became a close friend, and someone we could confide in.  it just had gotten to a point where we knew what we had to do, it was just a matter of keeping ourselves accountable.  she taught us all the fundamentals, and held my hand while i lost my first 100lbs, and i will forever be grateful for having such a fabulous trainer in my life.

well, a couple months later of trying to do it myself, it just wasn't working.  i can workout like no one's business, but i wasn't changing anything. back day was back day, always the same movements, barely going up in weights.  i was comfortable with being comfortable.  and i figured i could eat what i wanted, because "at least i was maintaining", at least, that's what i thought i was doing.  finally stepping on the scale, i saw that i was back over 200lbs, that was heartbreaking.  it's funny how, you've come so far in your journey, doing what you think is best, then all of a sudden, it's like the knowledge escapes you, and you don't know where to turn.  i could go back to my trainer, but i was only seeing her once a week.  and honestly, even though she was training us at a great price, with me moving in with my boyfriend, i couldn't afford to have another added expense.  i had done online training before, but it just didn't work out, so i was unsure of the idea of doing it again.

i was seeing a friend of mine, amy (One Motivated Momma), post about all of her success with her online trainer.  i was intrigued so i asked her a few questions.  after talking with amy, i decided to give it a try.  i purchased his 12 week program, psychotic fat destruction. the program is split up into 6 phases, and consists of a meal plan, with workouts that are switched up every two weeks. i started training with steve right after labor day, so naturally i had an all out binge fest before hand. these are the before photos:

seeing those photos were a wake up call, and i knew that i needed to commit to the plan i had purchased.  after the first week, i couldn't believe the results:

my tummy had flattened, and i was fitting back into my size 14's!  so after following his meal plan and workouts for a month straight (phase 1 & 2, and having to take a week off because of being sick) these were the results:

my sister took the photos of me and literally said "holy shit kate!". when i saw the photos i was SHOCKED. i had felt a slight difference in myself, and i had lost about 10lbs. but i couldn't BELIEVE the difference one month of consistency could make.

so now i'm currently on phase 3, and this one is TOUGH. the meal plan has stayed the same, but the workouts have definitely gotten a bit more intense, but i'm loving them. i'm upping my weights constantly. 

i'm pushing myself harder than i have in a LONG time and that's what i love the most.  i'm finally feeling myself falling in love with the process again. i'm literally eating the same food everyday, and it's making me look at food as fuel rather than a comfort.  that to me, is one of the best things ever.  all i know is, i'm ridiculously grateful for reaching out to steve for help. he may not be there with me for every workout, but i needed someone to write it all out for me, a step by step process. 

now you may ask "what happens when the 12 weeks are up?" well,steve makes it known on his website that if you continue to work with him, he will lower the prices significantly. am i going to use him all of my life? i don't think so, but this has definitely helped me stay accountable, and i can't wait to see what my full transformation will be!

if you're interested in possible working with Steve, you can contact him here.  make sure to let him know i sent ya! :)

have you ever worked with an online trainer?  did it work for you? leave your comments below!


  1. I have watched a friend use Steve and have seen her have tremendous results. I have been watching her and watching his post for 11 months now and have yet to jump the gun. Although she has had great results, she is on the competition program so I am having a hard time picking her or anyone I know brains about the PFD program. I am getting married in May of 2015 and all I keep thinking, fearing and stressing over is how I want to look my best on my wedding day. I have struggled with weight ALL of my life and even though I want to look hot for my future husband, I really want this for myself. I want to love myself in my wedding dress (i love the dress, i hate myself in it) and I want to roam the beaches for a week and feel comfortable.
    Your transformation, fb page and comments on Steve's page is motivating me to really stop hesitating.

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Hi April- I'm Amy (the above mentioned person in the blog). I am not training for shows but to get fit and lose fat! Don't wait anymore - contact him! He will tailor the plans to your specific goals! I did 4 weeks on a beginner plan of his and I'm now 1/2 done with the PFD! Hands down- best decision I EVER made! Also, on my page, I just talked about wedding picture guilt.....don't end up with it too! Contact him - like NOW!}

  3. Amy's totally right. I never plan on being in a competition, I just needed someone to write it all out for me, and that's exactly what he did :)