Wednesday, September 10, 2014

so many new pretty things!

so if you couldn't tell, mama got a make over!

in more than one way.

if ya couldn't tell, my blog got a make-over!  my former employer, turned family is a social media GENIUS.  she made my blog gorgeous and also if ya look to the right, you can  now subscribe to my blog via email, and can also find other ways to contact me.  isn't it preeeeeetttyyyy?!  you should probably be followin Jennifer's crazy life at :)

now if only i could figure out how to put my purchased domain name as the website for this blog, my life would be complete! haha


also, more pretty things! 

i was contacted by one of my all time FAVORITE stores, Charming Charlies, to become an ambassador!

someone catch me as i faint.

this was literally a dream come true for me.  ever since i can remember, i have always been an "accessories" girl.  mainly because, accessories always fit!  while my friends were out shopping for cute clothes, i headed over to the purses/headbands/jewelry section.  and when Charming Charlie's came to my mall, i was EXCITED.  a store, dedicated to accessories, organized by color.


yellow. pink. purple. green.  need a turquoise necklace/handbag/anythingyoupossiblycouldneed accessory? they had it. in bulk. and so prettyyyyyyy.

so when i was told that i was going to receive free pieces of merchandise to post, i was expecting maybe a necklace or two and a pair of earrings.

i.  was.  wrong.

Charming Charlie's HOOKED ME UP.

i received the box at work, thinking maybe they were just trying to be extra cautious with the items they sent me, because the box was so huge. 

inside the box contained:

cream colored shoulder bag
cognac colored shoulder bag

cream colored gauzy like sweater

cream colored peasant top

cream colored cardigan

long gold leaf necklace

up-close look

gold chevron ring

adjustable silver leaf ring

mini infinity gold ring

pearl bracelets

boho bangles

multi-colored rose bracelet

gold feather necklace

and honestly, that's not ALL of it.  it was like christmas at work, i swear!  only downfall was that the majority of the shirts don't fit me at the moment.  so i either will be doing a giveaway with them, or saving them for my smaller self :) i haven't decided.  (i probably shouldn't have teased you like that, huh?)

i am so grateful i was given this opportunity.  and these items came in perfect timing for fall! 

head over to Charming Charlie's and get out their #CCBohoChic line! you won't regret it! <3

until next time loves! 


  1. How in the world do you go about becoming an ambassador and scoring all that awesome swag?!

    1. they found me via instagram and contacted me! pretty awesome!