Monday, August 4, 2014

sooooo, this blog thing..

hey guys!

first off, thanks for even having interest in wanting me to create a blog.  i'm not sure what exactly i'll do here, and i'm still trying to figure out this crazy contraption.  so please excuse the non-professional look of this quite yet.  i'm workin on it :)  eventually i'd like for this to have recipes, workouts, and other informative things to keep y'all entertained :)

my name is kate, i'm 27 years old and from chicago.
i've lost approximately 120lbs over the last 3 years.

i don't really know how i managed to get to where i was.  it all seems like such a blur, and to be honest, i look back and don't even remember looking like that. but i can remember everything that i felt, and what i can tell you is that i was a sad, depressed girl, that didn't feel like i was worth the love and attention that i so desperately wanted from other people.  

it took me a long time, 25 years approximately, to realize the only person that truly needed to love me, was me.  that's part of the journey has been the hardest.  realizing my worth, wanting more out of myself, and realizing that i indeed loved myself, and wanted to live. 

i've maintained my weight for the last year and a half.  and although it's extremely frustrating, the only person to blame is me.  somewhere along the way in the last year and a half i've lost the drive to want to stay consistent.  i don't know if it's because i found a man that loves every single part of me, so i got comfortable? i don't know if i'm just happy with where i am, and i should just focus on maintaining? or, if that devil of an ego is just trying to let the old girl back in.  yeah, we're gonna go with that 3rd one.  

i know i'm capable of more.  i'm strong.  i'm determined, and i'm going to get to where i want to be.  i don't care how long it takes, that's not a factor for me.  

this has kind of been a conjumbled mess for my first blog, and i apologize.  hopefully i'll be a little more focused for the next one :)

if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see on here, please feel free to comment and give suggestions!

love you! <3


  1. Welcome! So happy you are going to be blogging!

  2. Wooohoo! welcome to the blogging world! It's fun and exciting! I am a blogger too so have fun! ♥

  3. Welcome the blogiverse! We're looking forward to hearing what you have to say in your words! We think very highly of you!
    Congrats on being in love, that's really the point in life isn't it?

  4. Welcome to blogging!

  5. Yay!! So glad to have another blog to read :)