Friday, August 8, 2014

big changes.

why helloooooo there.  and welcome to my second blog post :)

so as many of you know, i'm in a serious relationship, and we've been together for the last year and a half.
this is my longest adult relationship.  soooo it's kind of a big deal.

(ain't he dreamy? <3)

we've been talking about moving in together for quite some time, but with both of our incomes, and his NEED for certain things *cough cough two car garage cough cough* it's been difficult to find a place.

if you live in the chicago-land area, you know that it ain't cheap to live here.  let alone to try to rent a house with that two car garage, a backyard, and one that will take a sausage of a dog.
(he's a black lab, a sweet one, but a sausage.)

so when we had this opportunity to rent this beautiful home, with hardwood floors, a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a fenced in backyard, and an AMAZING garden with blackberries, raspberries, goji berries, romaine lettuce, spinach, squash, you best BELIEVE we jumped at it. (sorry for the longest run-on sentence ever.)

and, after much positive thinking and putting it into the universe that we want this house, it happened.  it's ours.  we sign the lease as soon as john gets home from vacation.

let me just tell you, i am EXCITED. i'm excited for this next chapter.  i'm excited to start my life with the man i intend on spending the rest of my life with. (that is if i don't kill him in the process ;) )  i'm excited to have my own place.  i'm excited to be independent.

and then of course, there's the flip side.
this is my first time moving out.  this is my first time where i will be responsible for EVERYTHING i need.  i'm responsible for the lights being on, i'm responsible for the food in the fridge, i'm responsible for the toilet paper.  i'm responsible. for. everything.  and there's a part of me that is literally scared shitless. i'm also scared of gaining weight.  i've already noticed that i've "slacked" in the weight loss department since i got a boyfriend, and this has NOTHING to do with him, and everything to do with me.  i myself have become comfortable with where i'm at.  i'm at an "okay" plateau, but i do have a goal that i want to reach.  and he has always been nothing but supportive with this, so that's not the issue.  i just know that it's common for couples to get "too comfortable", and let go? if that's the right wording?  this is a huge step for the both of us.  not only for us as a couple, for us individually.  and failing is my biggest fear.

and thennnnn there's the excitement part again.  we get to live together.  we get to see each other every day.  i'm sure some of you married people are like "yeah, that excitement will only last for so long", and i don't care.  i get to start my life with the man that i love.

as you can tell, i'm bi-polar today.

but i know that we'll be fine.  no matter what, we're going to make this work.  it's gonna be tough, things are going to be tight.  but big things are also happening for both of us career wise, so the only place we can go is up, right?

this is when you tell me to buck up, and everything's going to be fine.  right? right.

thanks for listening <3

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